Russell Brand's Revolution Parodied By Jake Yapp In Latest Video

It's been a busy 2014 for Russell Brand - and it's ended with comedian and fellow prolific video maker Jake Yapp's parody about his transition from comedian/actor to revolutionary/author of a manifesto released just in time for the Christmas market.

Yapp, who previously made 'Radio 4 in Four Minutes', 'Nigel Farage on Breastfeeding, The Musical' and 'Channel 4 News In Two Minutes and 39 Seconds' - now brings us 'Russell Brand's 2014 in 2 Minutes 51 Seconds'.

It's made us sincerely hope that 2015 is the year the word "Oligarchy-didactic-atavism-dodecahedron-Hungry-Hippoes-recidivism-alidocious" takes off.

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