10 Best Smartphones You Can Buy 2015

Buying a smartphone in 2015 is harder than it looks.

The arrival of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will surely keep Apple fans well and truly happy while those looking for the best Android smartphone are in for a treat.

IFA saw the arrival of not one but almost five brand-new smartphones including the stunning new Moto X (2014), the iPhone-challenging Samsung Galaxy Alpha and the refined Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Then of course there's the wave of Android smartphones that'll arrive at Mobile World Congress 2015 in February.

Last but not least there's the Sony Xperia Z3, the phone that proves 'if it ain't broke'. A larger better screen is matched to an updated version of the classic Xperia design. Oh and Sony's promising a two-day battery life.

Update: We've now added the Nokia Lumia 930, Microsoft's most powerful Windows Phone yet featuring an incredible 5-inch OLED display and 20MP camera with four mic stereo recording.

To make the quest for the right phone for you easier, we've selected our favourite nine smartphones available in 2014. Take a look at our selections of the best gadgets below.