10 'Off-The-Beaten-Track' Places To Travel To In 2015

10 'Off-The-Beaten-Track' Places To Travel To In 2015

All hardcore travellers know the feeling: you've trekked for days and days through muddy marshlands, up steep and slippery mountains and sat on an uncomfortable wooden canoe without food and water and just a rabid-looking monkey for a week (no, just me?), all to reach a deserted forest that a guy with purple dreadlocks and a suspicious-looking pipe described to you as "well etherial, bro".

But as you step off the canoe your senses prickle with familiarity - is that David Guetta you can hear, and - good heavens - is that the smell of McDonald's chicken nuggets?

Yep, this so-called "etherial wonderland" is no celestial Leo DiCaprio beach - it's a tourist trap overrun with 20-somethings who, like you, are all desperate for an authentic travelling experience, keen to venture off the beaten track and see the real [insert generic gap yah destination here].

These "roads less travelled" that were once so scenic and sublime have been invaded by the masses, with entrepreneurial locals cashing in on their popularity by setting up hideous hostels, magic mushroom smoothie shops and markets selling "hand-made" alpaca jumpers and beanies that you'll soon learn are identically "hand-made" and sold in every town you travel through.

Wifi's available round the clock so every train graveyard, deserted waterfall or cuddle with a captured lion shot can be Instagrammed to perfection, and don't worry if you don't like the local cuisine - overpriced stores selling marmite, menthols and other "flavours from home" won't be difficult to seek out.

So, if you're the kind of traveller that is repulsed by the above, check out these places which are not overrun with tourists yet (emphasis on the yet).

The Tanintharyi Division, Myanmar

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