Having Sex For The First Time: 18 Things Nobody Tells You About Losing Your Virginity

18 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Losing Your Virginity

If you think back to your first time, there are hundreds of little details that - if you'd known back then - could've made things about one million percent less awkward. And we're not even exaggerating.

From the logistics point of view (waterbeds are totally inappropriate) to the anatomical details - "the hole is a lot lower than you think" - there's plenty to bear in mind when it comes down to sex.

In fact, the whole process of losing your virginity can be nerve-wracking, embarrassing and if you don't end up wanting to erase the whole thing from your memory then you're doing incredibly well.

With this in mind, the guys at BuzzFeed set out to find what people on social media would tell their virgin selves if they were to do it all again. Their responses are, well, brilliant...

Sarah explains that she wishes someone had told her that losing your virginity doesn't have to mean sex with a man. "You could lose your virginity with a woman,” she adds.

Kevin thinks it’s “really hard to cum with a condom on”.

Meanwhile redditwifey says: “Pee after sex.” Cystitis isn’t fun, folks.

On a sentimental note, SenatorSkeletor writes that “it doesn’t need to be with your one true love, but it should be with someone you care about”.

Brutally honest Berkut22 says that: “The first time is gonna last all of 30 seconds. Be prepared to use hands and mouth until you’re ready for round two.” Thanks for the heads up.

Other things to avoid include overuse of lube, sex in cars and trying to get jiggy with it on a waterbed - you're never going to win.

SeanV2014 reveals that “the hole is a lot lower than you think”. Thanks for the anatomy lesson, Sean.

Pria notes - on a more graphic angle - that “the fluids fall out of you”. While realist, Amber, says: "Sex doesn’t mean love".

Dezaraye says: “I wish I would have known that whatever song is playing will haunt you for the rest of your life.” She adds: “Make sure it’s not Linkin Park”.

OuttaSightVegemite says he never knew how vulnerable he’d feel. Meanwhile Julian found out he was allergic to latex - bummer.

Kristen’s insight? “It’s not magical like the movies, it’s awkward.”

Lizz adds that it's "never good the first time". And Haley says that “faking it is harder than you think”.

On a messier note, Shmuel has two words for us all: “The blood”.

And that's a wrap!

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