Some people believe the British model fits a description in Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare.”
The Pitch Perfect star wants to normalise becoming sexually active later in life so younger people don't "feel pressure".
Just as we celebrate women having as much as sex as they want, we should respect the choice of women like me to have none at all.
I knew in my gut that I wanted to experience sexual intercourse within a mutually loving and committed relationship, writes Amanda McCracken.
One tweet that Deyjah Harris liked calls her father's behaviour "disgusting, possessive and controlling".
The rapper proudly stated that he brings his daughter, Deyjah Harris, to the doctor every year to ensure she's still a virgin.
"His parents were upstairs – and I had my head on the dog’s bed throughout." 😳
"You have a responsibility towards the youth of today, for God’s sake,” one comment reads.
Nearly a third of young people surveyed have had sex before 16.