02/01/2015 06:21 GMT | Updated 02/01/2015 06:59 GMT

Police Arrest Man Suspected In The Xbox Live/PSN Christmas Attack

Thames Valley Police have arrested a young man in connection with the Christmas day cyber attacks which shut down both Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network.

22-year old Vinnie Omari from Twickenham was initially arrested in connection with PayPal fraud but it has since been confirmed by the hacker himself that it was also in relation with the attack. Omari has since been released on bail.

Both PSN and Xbox Live were taken offline during Christmas by a group called 'The Lizard Squad' which launched a DDoS attack, overloading both Microsoft and Sony's servers with traffic.

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Days after the attack a young Finnish man claiming to be a member of the group gave an exclusive interview to Sky News, confirming that he was part of the hacking group and explaining their motives behind the attack.

Accroding to Julius Kivimäki the attack was to draw attention to 'Lizard Squad' while also raising awareness over the security that large companies like Microsoft and Sony employ to protect their online services.

It's believed that Kivimäki is now also being questioned both by Finnish police and the FBI in connection to the attack.