Odessa Police Get Help From Skateboarding Dog To Break Up Protests In Ukraine

Skateboarding Dog Breaks Up Protests In Ukraine

A dog with a talent for skateboarding has unwittingly helped Ukrainian police to break up protests in Odessa, CEN reports.

Sam, a British bulldog, can be seen riding his skateboard through crowds of angry protesters, who were demonstrating amid allegations of political corruption.

The mob were were threatening to rush the City Hall in Duma Square over building permits, when the performing pooch turned anger into amusement as he rolled through the crowd.

Eyewitness Anatoly Hlushko told CEN: "He was hilarious and impossible to ignore, he seemed very excited about the action and was smashing the skateboard left and right and running into everyone.

"It was also panting like a steam engine and suddenly people who seemed to focus on the building were grabbing their mobile phones to film the hilarious dog."

Sam is reportedly famous in Odessa for his radical tricks, but appeared to be without his owner. It is thought he was at a local park but ran off when towards the noise from outside the City Hall.

The distraction allowed the small team of security guards at the venue extra time to secure the building, leading to some misleading reports that the dog had actually been employed by officials to distract protesters.


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