Twitter 'While You Were Away' Will Ensure You Never Miss Another GIF

Twitter Has A Horrifying New Feature

If you're a regular Twitter user than you know the horror of spending even a few moments away from your timeline. What if Katie Hopkins says something mean? What if someone posts a GIF you haven't watched or uses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in a particularly hilarious way?

Well now you never have to worry about that mortifying possibility ever again.

Twitter is rolling out a new feature called 'while you were away' to catch you up on goings-on when you log back into the site.

This new doodad presents you with a list of top tweets that you haven't already read, stripped for parts and Tweeted as your own original thoughts, including messages and retweets from other users, and a selection box of the most critical mutterings from losers all around the web.

Techcrunch reports the rollout looks pretty quick - so you should see this relatively soon if you don't already.

Critics have suggested it brings Twitter more in line with Facebook's non-chronological News Feed, also known as the Most Annoying Thing About The Internet.

But Twitter clearly just wants you to be more engaged, for longer, in everything Katie Hopkins has on her mind. And that can only be a good thing for humanity.


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