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What Are The Top Things On People's Bucket Lists In 2015? Northern Lights, Dream House And Getting Married

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Bucket lists have turned from a 'things to do before you croak' into a gentle long term goals sheet that we'd like to leisurely tick off. But what would make the list?

This year, according to a survey by GE Capital Direct 1, it's a mixed bag. At the top is seeing the Northern Lights but other also include pretty ordinary things like getting married and buying the perfect house.


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The main reason among 25-34-year-olds for drawing up such a list was fear of missing out, while, overall, two in five said thinking about their aspirations kept them motivated.

But three in five reckoned it was unlikely they would able to complete their list, with half citing a lack of savings.

Based on responses from 2,154 adults, the survey showed that men (30%) were much more likely than women (18%) to have unconventional items on their list. For example, 21% of men, but only 9% of women, fancied travelling in space.

But 52% of women, compared with only 30% of men, listed activities related to social responsibility such as rescuing animals and doing charity work overseas.

This was the ultimate bucket list:

1. See the Northern Lights

2. Visit the Grand Canyon

3. Visit Niagara Falls

4. Go on a round-the-world trip

5. Buy a dream house

6. Go on safari

7. Swim with dolphins

8. Visit all Seven New Wonders of the World

9. Get married

10. Master another language

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