05/01/2015 14:18 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Christmas Books For Children


Christmas is the perfect time to curl up with your family and enjoy a jolly good book.

There are, naturally, countless Christmas reads to choose from, including classics (The Snowman and the adventures of the Jolly Christmas Postman to name a few) and new releases, such as the gorgeous book from Richard Curtis, Snow Day, and the re-working of Peter Rabbit thanks to Emma Thompson. For younger babies, have a good look through the Usborne picture book collection, which includes our favourites 'That's Not My Reindeer' and 'That's Not My Santa'.

Activity books will be hit with early readers, as there's plenty to make and do alongside the stories. We like Christmas Crafts from Lion Hudson and 'pull back' Busy Santa from Usborne.

One of our all time favourites, One Snowy Night, is a must for Christmas this year. The tale of selfless Percy the park ranger taking in his local animals once the cold hits has had a new edition created to celebrate 25 years.

Check out our favourites for all ages below. Happy Christmas!