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First Date Selfies Are Now A Thing And The Prospect Of Them Is Absolutely Terrifying

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The lead-up to a first date is always pretty scary. Hundreds of thoughts race through your mind: what if we have nothing in common?

What if they don't like what I'm wearing? What if we run out of things to talk about? What if I get food stuck in my teeth - again? Or drop food down my front?

It's nerve-wracking stuff.

So, imagine how much we gulped and sighed when we spotted this new Instagram trend on the dating scene. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to #FirstDateSelfies.

Cue blood pressure rising...

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The idea behind the trend is pretty simple - folks on their first date take a selfie together. Simpleness aside, this is pretty terrifying for all manner of reasons.

Here are a few example scenarios we could think of:

:: You haven't looked at yourself in the mirror for a good hour, then you put your front-facing camera on to take a selfie and notice there's lipstick on your teeth, or spinach on your face (yes, it can happen). Where do you go from here?

:: What happens if you take a selfie and realise that you REALLY don't look good? What's worse is that, at this precise moment, he has better hair than you. Le sigh.

:: When you're alone, it can take you up to 10 takes before you've got a half decent selfie. In this case, he (or she) might not be up for 10 takes. You've got one shot (two max) and you can't blow it - even a kick ass filter like Amaro can't save you now. On the other end of the spectrum you wow him with your vanity and make him sit there to take 10+ snaps. But don't expect a second date if you do...


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:: His pout is way better than yours. In fact, that's quite a turn off. WHY ARE YOU POUTING?

:: You argue over which filter to use. He's more of a 'Mayfair' guy. You, on the other hand, have declared your love for 'Rise'... #awks.

:: You take the selfie on your phone and then your date happens to see the gazillion cat pictures saved in your photo album. You've been rumbled, crazy cat lady - RUN.

:: He takes the picture and uploads it to his Instagram. You notice he's got more followers than you and then you realise why... He's a serial hashtagger. #Oh #my #God #get #me #out #of #here.

In all fairness, there are worse things that could happen on a first date. But we'd advise avoiding the #firstdateselfie. Just in case.


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#firstdateselfie ... Yeah I always get them in bed on the first date ;) bam!

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