07/01/2015 06:54 GMT | Updated 07/01/2015 07:59 GMT

Five Food Magic Tricks You Need To Try (FYI The Egg Trick Blew Our Minds, Quite Literally)

We may be grown ups, but that doesn't mean a little magic trick here and there doesn't get us excited.

Take, for example, being able to blow an egg clean out of its shell. Or watching Coca Cola turn into an iced slushy right before your eyes.

Intrigued? Watch these five food magic tricks unfold and if things get a little slow and monotonous this month, then you know what to do...


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Fancy giving these a go at home? You will need the following:

Milk art

Milk, food colouring, ear buds and washing up liquid

Banana secret

A banana and a toothpick

Orange drop

Two oranges and a bowl / bucket of water

Egg blow

A hard-boiled egg

Coke slushy

A bottle of Coca Cola which has been in the freezer for 3.5 hours and a frosted glass

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