07/01/2015 11:15 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Girl Challenges Disney World Gaston To Arm-Wrestling Match (Video)

A young visitor to Disney World challenges Gaston to an arm-wrestling match and wins in this adorable video.

As you'll doubtless remember, Gaston was the smug chauvinist who unscrupulously tried to win Belle's hand in Beauty and the Beast, so it's no wonder this 11-year-old girl couldn't resist putting him in his place.

She demands to arm-wrestle the arrogant Disney villain in this cute clip. Being Gaston, of course he accepts, and even throws down some very in-character smack talk.

And when the little girl springs into action unexpectedly, slamming down her opponent's arm before he can move, Gaston takes it exactly as you'd expect.

"That doesn't count! I want a rematch, right now!" he yells to a crowd of giggling guests. "Disgraced! Publicly humiliated!"
You may remember this 'Gaston' making a splash in the news last week thanks to a clip which showed him absolutely OWNING a visitor who challenged him to a push-up contest, breaking out some glorious one-armed push-ups that left his challenger on the verge of collapse.

And that wasn't even the actor's first brush with viral glory - last month, a clip of Gaston being put in his place by an adorably indignant little girl garnered over five million views.

Disney World actors, known as 'cast members', follow a rigorous set of rules to ensure they stay in character all the time. These rules dictate everything from fingernail length to the number of rings cast members can wear (one on each hand, if you're wondering).

Disney's tough standards might be hard work to keep up, but as videos like this show, the unwavering professionalism of the cast members really pays off.