Hubble Takes Incredible 1.5 Billion Pixel Image Of The Andromeda Galaxy

This Is Hubble's Most Spectacular Image Yet

Hubble has taken its largest image ever of the Andromeda Galaxy, it's so big in fact that we wouldn't be able to show you it.

Containing over 1.5 billion pixels, the only way you could see the image would be if you had 600 HDTVs lined up together or -- rather more sensibly -- you can just use the zoom tool that has been handily provided by NASA's Hubble website.

It's the biggest image Hubble has ever taken and contains over 100 million stars stretching across a distance of 40,000 light years.

The most impressive thing about this image however is that this isn't even the whole galaxy. It's just a small portion of M31, otherwise known as the Andromeda Galaxy.


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