07/01/2015 08:55 GMT | Updated 08/01/2015 03:59 GMT

Amazing Gabby Best Video Pokes Fun At The Slew Of Diet And Detox Health Advice In January

January is prime time for dodgy health and fitness advice: no bread after 2pm, eat Cayenne peppers under the light of the full moon (okay that last one is made up).

Taking a tongue in cheek pop at New Year, New Year is comedian Gabby Best, who takes on the role of Marijana, a quack health and happiness guru.

Talking about her upbringing she says: "“I’m a bit of a mongrel” Marijana explains, “my father is Croatian, my mother’s a bitch...”

An 8-part comedy produced by Wildseed Comedy, takes her four specially 'selectioned' group through Pilates, self-discovery and tough love with amazing consequences.



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