Scientists Create The Perfect Poker Player, It's A Computer

Scientists Have Created The Perfect Poker Player

Scientists at the University of Alberta have created a computer program that can finally beat Texas hold 'em poker.

Known as an 'imperfect information' game, poker has until now been impossible to beat using computers.

However the team of scientists have published evidence showing that their computer program called Cepheus can beat a human in two-player limit Texas hold 'em.

Their findings have been published in Science Mag where you can read the full experiment. The team admit that while they can't get a perfect win every time, they have managed to create a program that can beat or break even against a human no matter who starts.

It's a significant achievement in computational intelligence as it requires the computer to make near-accurate decisions based on a scenario where it doesn't have all the information.

Whereas with Chess or other board games a computer simply has to crunch through all the possible alternatives. In Poker however it actually has to guess, and guess right.

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