artificial intelligence

Using AI technology to spot inappropriate behaviour shouldn’t be necessary.
"A cyber war against Chinese artificial intelligence."
50 years ago, we saw what humanity was capable of. And we can do that again, but before we do, we need to ensure AI is for the good of society, Ivana Bartoletti writes.
A Facebook outage yesterday revealed the text tags associated to photos, scaring some users with how accurately their photos were described. Facebook uses tagging to allow visually impaired users to “see” photos on the site, but what isn’t clear is if this information is sold to advertisers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used widely across phone and social media technology, from portrait mode on your iPhone to being able to search your Google photos for pictures of your cat.
Amazon is hosting a new conference focused on artificial intelligence to highlight the advancements in robotics. The re:MARS conference, which stands for machine learning, automation, robotics and space, took place in Las Vegas this week. It showcased a range of robots from the ones that could serve you food and drinks to those that can mop the floors and mow your lawn.
We need to stop framing technological advancement as a doomsday opus, fit to be serialised by Netflix.
Whatever abstract visions we do have in mind, the truth is that artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer the future, they are already part of our present, our everyday lived reality.
The internet, for all its swindles and snares, is a gateway to basic education, communication, literacy, and health services, but also to financial independence, mobility and commercial success.