Humanity Could 'Lose Control' Of Artificial Intelligence, Warns Rishi Sunak

But don't lose sleep "right now", the prime minister added.
PETER NICHOLLS via Getty Images

Humanity could “lose control” of Artificial Intelligence, Rishi Sunak has warned as he set out a series of grim scenarios for the future of mankind.

The prime minister said AI could make it easier to create weapons of mass destruction, help terrorist groups and crime gangs and spread disinformation around the globe.

However, he insisted the UK was "ahead of the curve" when it comes to understanding and controlling the technology.

Sunak was speaking ahead of a major international AI summit taking place in London next week.

In a speech in Westminster this morning, the prime minister said: "[AI] could make it easier to build chemical or biological weapons. Terrorist groups could use AI to spread fear and disruption on an even greater scale.

“Criminals could exploit AI for cyber attacks, disinformation, fraud or even child sexual abuse.

“There is even the risk that humanity could lose control of AI completely through the kind of AI sometimes referred to as super intelligence.”

But the prime minister said people should not be “losing sleep” over the risks “right now”.

He sought to offer reassurance that the UK was developing the “most advance protections” of any country and announced the creation of the world’s first AI safety institute.

“We can’t put our head in the sand and think this can either be ignored or it will just stop happening. It’s not going to stop,” he said.

The speech was based on a series of government reports - including declassified intelligence agency assessments - about the technology

In November, the UK will host an international summit where global leaders and companies will discuss the threat and future of AI.

Sunak has upset some Tory MPs by inviting China to the summit as they believe Beijing should be categorised as a “threat” to the UK.

But the government has defended the move, arguing there is no point holding an AI conference without one of the biggest players in the field.


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