Keir Starmer Tells Rishi Sunak Voters Want Him To 'F*** Off'

Labour leader demands the prime minister call a general election.
Keir Starmer
Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer has told Rishi Sunak the British public want the chance to tell him to “f-off”.

Speaking during PMQs, the Labour leader demanded the prime minister call a general election immediately.

“Across our country the British people are rolling-up their selves and getting on with it,” Starmer said.

“Doing their best in a punishing cost of living crisis, and a government that has abandoned them.

“The truth is his candidate in Tamworth summed up perfectly how he and his Tories are treating the British public.

“Will he just call a general election and give the British public the chance to respond as they did in Selby, Mid Beds and Tamworth.

“They have heard the government telling them to ‘f-off’ and they want the chance to return the compliment.”

Andrew Cooper, the losing Tory candidate at last week’s Tamworth by-election, was revealed to have told parents who struggled to feed their children to “fuck off”.

Sunak refused to condemn the comment during last week’s PMQs, the day before the by-election which saw Labour overturn the huge Tory majority to snatch the seat.

Starmer’s call for a general election came as Sunak marked one year as prime minister.


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