When A Prank Goes Horribly Wrong And Your Parents Have To Pay $48k In Damage Costs

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So, you know when you thought a prank would be a really good idea and then it goes horribly wrong and your parents end up having to pay $48,000 in damage costs to your school?

Yeah, that.

One Canadian teen is probably facing a lifetime of chores after attaching a padlock to a fire sprinkler (yeah, we don't get it either). Following a long lawsuit from the Wellington Secondary School in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Carson Dean's parents are having to pay up for the colossal water damaged caused after the sprinkler went off - and set every other sprinklers off too.

The school was subsequently evacuated, while the sprinklers caused a total of $48,630.47 in water damage, CTV News Vancouver reported.

Despite Dean's family claiming their son didn't intend to cause the damage, the school should've supervised him better and students should've been trained not to touch the sprinklers, the judge, unsurprisingly, dismissed their arguments.


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