09/01/2015 06:34 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Twin Babies Set Eyes On Each Other For The First Time In Cute Video


Here's the sweet moment twin baby sisters set eyes on each other for the first time – and then start chatting in their own secret language.

In the cutest video you'll see today, Paula and Alyssa were filmed by their adoring dad lying on their parents' bed on their stomachs, facing each other.

Then in a moment of wonder, the sisters appear to recognise the other for the first time, before gabbling away like old mates and reaching out to grab onto each other's hands.

Their mum Ally, 30, said: "It was so awesome to see them realising that they have a little playmate who's just the same as them.

"Every time we would place the babies on their tummies after their meals, we'd see if they would interact and they didn't really.

"As soon as their dad saw them lock eyes on each other and light up when seeing each other, he knew it was a moment that couldn't have been missed.

"They were filled with love in their eyes and so were we."

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