Justin Bieber Denies Calvin Klein Photos Were Photoshopped To Give Him A 'Bigger Bulge' (VIDEO)

Biebs Denies Photoshop Claims

Justin Bieber has denied that his new Calvin Klein campaign was digitally enhanced to make his *ahem* appendage more ample.


Earlier this week, gossip site BreatheHeavy.com posted an animated GIF that they claimed showed a photo of The Biebs without photoshop, with a much smaller chest and arms, which they alleged was emailed to them by someone close to the shoot.

The site alleged that the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer had behaved like "a douche" on set, telling photographers he wanted "to look taller and buff. Bigger bulge implied".

However, the site have now taken down the image, sparking speculation that it might not have been completely legit, and issued a statement, claiming that Justin has now denied that the pictures are photoshopped.

Justin Bieber and Lara Stone pose for Calvin Klein

As if that wasn't enough, they also featured a quote attributed to his personal trainer, who reportedly said: "I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy. I sound weird saying that… but yes."

Justin features in the new photo-shoot alongside Lara Stone, who he first appeared with during a presenting spot at the 'Fashion Rocks' show during New York Fashion Shoot.

Justin Bieber For Calvin Klein

Justin Bieber For Calvin Klein


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