Schoolgirls Sing Racist Song 'If You All Hate The P***s Clap Your Hands' In Harrowing Footage


Disturbing video footage has emerged of girls as young as five singing a racist song while a toddler walks around the room.

Three schoolgirls - aged between five and seven - are seen sitting in a circle, clapping and chanting "if you all hate the p***s clap your hands", apparently being filmed by an adult.

The children sing a version of "If You're Happy And You Know It" riddled with offensive slurs while a young boy watches. The racist song is a bastardisation of a classic children's tune, and is supposedly popular at EDL rallies.

The clip is thought to have been filmed in a Manchester living room in 2015, and was circulated on WhatsApp.

Anti-racism charities have slammed the video, with a spokesperson for Show Racism the Red Card saying: "The fact these young people are using such an offensive term so freely openly shows a lack of understanding about the nature of the term from their guardians."

A study by the organisation found that a quarter of Brits think the slur is an acceptable term to use when referring to a person of Pakistani origin.

Interim director of Stand Against Racism and Inequality, Alex Raikes MBE, said: "Aside from this potentially breaching the law by inciting racial hatred, what is particularly upsetting about this film is the abuse of young minds - children are not born racist - they are taught.

"Here we see this in action. This is a form of child exploitation.

"These children have been manipulated by adults who have taken advantage of their innocence and then disseminated them on film to the wider public - have they had a say in this?"

The source of the video is not currently known.

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