Google Will Unveil Real-Time Translation Tool

Google Is About To Smash The Language Barrier... Forever

Google will reportedly unveil a real-time translation service for smartphones and tablets in competition to Microsoft's own Skype software which allows real-time translation through video chat.

The New York Times reports that with over 100 million people using Google's Translate app, the service could be rolled out to a potential 500 million monthly users.

With reportedly 80-90 per cent of the world's internet written in just 10 languages, the removal of the language barrier would prove a turning point in communications technology.

Google will reportedly bring the new features to its Translate app at some point this year however there's no official release date as yet.

Another feature the company is working on is visual translation, so being able to hold up your phone at any words in a foreign language and then see it translated in real-time.


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