13/01/2015 15:44 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

How Not To Follow Lego Friends Instructions. Go Girl!


A little girl proved that you don't need to follow the instructions on the box to make an awesome Lego creation.

Can you guess what it was supposed to be? We'll give you a clue - those berries behind the helmet were not intended as armour decoration...

Give up? We don't blame you. It turns out this fearsome plastic warrior is in fact... a Lego Friends juice bar. Not quite seeing it? Take a look at the picture below for how it's 'supposed' to look (though, frankly, we think it's more interesting this way).


With the addition of some mech armour and flames, the innocuous neighbourhood hangout is transformed into a fire-blasting super-soldier. But we love that they've left the strawberries and pineapples intact!

Lego Friends was intended to be a 'feminine', girl-friendly alternative to mainstream Lego, featuring horse stables, a bakery and a beauty parlour. But, as this oddball artwork goes to show, it's impossible to guess what kids want - especially if they're as imaginative as this one!

Reddit user fickle_north shared the images under the title 'My friend's daughter got a Lego Friends set for Xmas. They decided not to follow the instructions.'

In the comments section, the user elaborated a bit further on the story behind the figure. "We don't really have juice bars round here, and she loves robots, so this was a fun father-daughter project for them." Alrighty, then.

To be fair, if the heroes of the Transformers franchise can turn from cars into war-waging robots, why not a juice bar?

Check out the rest of the pics in the gallery below:

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