BlackBerry Tweeted From An iPhone

BlackBerry Tweeted From... An iPhone

As corporate faux paus go, this is a biggie. If you're running a Twitter account for BlackBerry you're going to want to make sure you're either tweeting from a computer or - preferably - a BlackBerry.

What we're saying is that the words 'don't send official Tweets from an iPhone' should probably be written in very large letters above every desk at the company.

Well, it's too late now: some unfortunate employee has just done exactly that, posting a tweet that advocated using Twitter on an BlackBerry, but through an iPhone.

As you can see from The Verge, the tweet has indeed been sent by possibly the last smartphone you'd want to use for a BlackBerry tweet. Sigh.

Now it's hard to expect everyone to be perfect all of the time, but when you're tweeting from the international BlackBerry account, you're surely going to want to make sure that there ins't an iPhone in sight.

The game was given away when eagle-eyed followers noticed that through apps like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, the tweet revealed the classic 'via Twitter for iPhone' moniker at the bottom.

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