Best Headphones At CES 2015: Seriously Smart Audio

These Headphones Are Smarter Than Your Phone

The best headphones at CES 2015 had to do a number of things: They needed to be waterproof, wireless and above all, the best you've ever heard.

If expectations were high before the conference started, they were astronomical by the end. Not only had the major manufacturers put all their eggs into a big fitness-shaped basket but they'd also decided that smaller was better.

Of course what everyone really wanted to see was the Bragi Dash, a pair of tiny wireless earbuds that'll be your personal trainer, Bluetooth headset and high-end headphones.

Launched on Kickstarter the product seemed literally too good to be true, but sure enough, the Dash made an appearance at CES and did not disappoint.

Having ticked everything on their wish list, the team at Bragi have confirmed that they'll now be working on making them even smaller, without affecting battery life or performance.

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