ZX Spectrum Is Going Back Into Production

An all-new version of the iconic games console the ZX Spectrum will start going into production at a factory in the UK.

The redesigned ZX Spectrum Vega will be built by SMS Electronics at its Beeston factory in Nottinghamshire. The new console will launch with over 1000 pre-installed retro titles that were available on the original console.

Designed by Sir Clive Sinclair, the original Sinclair ZX Spectrum launched in 1982 where it inspired a generation to start making video games by learning how to code.

The machine's relative simplicity and powerful innards made it perfect for aspiring coders to get started and is widely considered to be one of the first mass-market games consoles.

Backed by Sir Clive himself and born out of crowd-funded campaign, the new ZX Spectrum is truly a console that has been reborn through the love of its fans.

Sir Sinclair is reportedly in talks with the owners of the rights to the Sinclair games to make sure that the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital will get a royalty percentage.

The new ZX Spectrum will be considerably different from the previous model in that it'll lack the classic keyboard, instead opting for a simpler more games-orientated layout. This should make it easier to play games but it does mean you won't be able to code as you would have on the original.

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