16/01/2015 11:35 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Help Frozen's Anna Give Birth Via Caesarean In Disturbing App

Oleg Vinogorodov

Frozen fans now have the 'treat' of helping Princess Anna through a caesarean in a new unlicensed Frozen app called Anna Giving Birth.

Didn't even know Anna was pregnant? Neither did we! She's managed to keep a low profile over the last nine months.

At the end of the film Anna and Kristoff's romance is just beginning, but app developer Oleg Vinogorodov decided that the next stage for Anna and Kristoff's romance was obviously babies.

The app's description on iTunes explains:

"Anna got married and she was pregnant in the spring. Now nine months had elapsed, and it's time to give birth to a baby. Anna needs a very experienced doctor to help her deliver her baby. Let's come to help her!"

The app starts with a scrapbook montage of Anna and Kristoff's courtship which includes a wedding, followed by Anna pregnant and glowing (literally glowing).

This is where the 'fun' begins. A nine-months pregnant Anna lies before you with her stomach bared.

First you must scan Anna's bump with a 'Foetus ECG monitor' which shows you that Anna's baby's heart is doing just fine - phew, what a relief!

Anna never goes into labour as this is apparently an elective caesarean, which must have been agreed sometime between the end of the montage and the beginning of your game of Doctors and Nurses.

You inject anesthetic into Anna's arm and her eyes close as she goes under (she must be having a caesarean back in the early 80s when you weren't awake for the procedure).

Then for the next medically accurate step - you hover an icy orb over Anna's belly until it is... you guessed it.... Frozen! (I bet those of you who have had caesareans didn't know this was part of the procedure. Perhaps this is another practice that went out in the 80s?!)
Next you - for you are both surgeon and anaesthetist, - reach for a scalpel (don't worry it's only a cartoon scalpel, which of course makes this totally Ok - and not disturbing in the slightest).

You draw a delicate incision horizontally across Anna's belly (so it's definitely not an emergency caesarean - although we're still none the wiser as to why Anna is having an elective one).

Then using another magic orb you extract the baby from Anna's stomach, before cutting the umbilical cord with the scalpel - Kriostoff isn't even asked whether he would like to do this!

Then the REAL magic happens - you use a wand to not only heal the incision, but also to remove any trace of a scar and shrink Anna's midriff back down to it's pre-pregnancy size.

Seriously ladies there is absolutely no excuse for not losing all your baby weight immediately after birth. What? You lost your wand? How careless, you have only yourself to blame.

The baby is then weighed and swaddled. Is it a boy or girl? Who knows, before the child is swaddled its genitalia is covered by pink flowers - which cleverly hide the baby's modesty from nosey doctors like you.

The baby, Anna and Kristoff are then reunited - although like all celebrity couples they're keeping schtum on their choice of baby name. They're saving that for the magazine deal of course.

You can watch someone play the game in the video below.