16/01/2015 12:44 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Plays Frozen DVD Five Times A Day For Five Months Because Her Boys Just Won't Let It Go!

A mum has been forced to play Disney's Frozen DVD four to five times a day because her sons just won't Let It Go!

Sound familiar?

Many parents will sympathise with Leigh Dryden, 26, from Middlesbrough, who estimates she has seen the Disney film 600 times in the last five months, as her three boys have been swept up in a Frozen frenzy ever since she bought them the DVD last September.

Leigh says that the film's iconic songs have hooked her sons Owen, four, Corey, two, and one-year-old Jay.
"When the film first came out everyone was raving about it but I thought 'it's a girl film, they won't watch it', Leigh told local news website Gazette Live.

"But I think my mum showed them it and we've watched it every day since - four or five times a day.

"They might have a little play but when the songs come on they sit and watch it. And they still love it just as much."

Leigh explained that she's tried to tempt her boys to watch other films, but hasn't found anything that they'd rather watch than Elsa, Anna and Olaf's adventure.

"I think the obsession is going to keep going on and on to be honest," she said.

How many times have you endured - sorry, enjoyed - the film at your house?

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