Forget Blue Monday, We'll Be Focussing On Happiness This Month #BeatBlueMonday

In recent years we've become accustomed to seeing #BlueMonday on our Twitter feeds once a week, but the term was originally used to describe the third Monday of the year.

This year, Blue Monday officially falls on January 19, supposedly making it the most miserable Monday of them all.

With the cold weather refusing to budge, bills from Christmas coming in and divorce rates rocketing, we can totally understand why many people feel low this time of year.

But despite all that, we're determined not to let Blue Monday get the better of us.

Sleeping puppies say no to January

HuffPost UK Lifestyle's Say No To January campaign is all about refusing to accept the traditional idea of January.

The new year shouldn't mean beating yourself up about the relationship that went wrong, the calories you consumed in December or the money you over-spent on presents. It should be an exciting time to celebrate yourself and embrace positive change.

And so we launched our #BeatBlueMonday series. Every Monday in January we've been bringing you a quote and a picture that remind us what happiness is all about.

You may have spotted them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We've also be serving up big plates of giggles with #BeatBlueMonday videos on the site like this one.

See, Mondays aren't so bad after all.

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