Dad Turns Home Into Giant Ball Pit - Much To His Kids' Delight (And His Wife's Amazement!)


Fed up of the horror of soft play with strange, grubby children? Well, take this dad's lead and create your own park at home instead!

Yes, a dad in America has proven that logistics are no barrier to having fun.

He bought a large collection of coloured balls (we're talking thousands, shipped in by the sack load) and filled his house – making the largest at-home ball pit ever to be seen!

Naturally, his kids have the time of their lives playing in the pit, but it's the dad's wife who has the best reaction.

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She comes home from work to find the enormous empty sacks outside, before gingerly opening the door to the house...

Does she scream, cry, generally kick off and refuse to go inside? No, she loves it, diving in to join her family, encouraged by the dad who simply asks, 'What's better than this?'

We couldn't agree more! If only Argos stocked enough balls...

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