3D Printed Flats And Mansion Unveiled By WinSun

Chinese company WinSun has revealed two record breaking buildings - a block of flats and a luxury villa - built by 3D printing.

The five-storey apartment and 1,100 square metre mansion were unveiled in Suzhou, Eastern China last weekend. They are the biggest and tallest structures to ever be made with the technology.

The homes are a proof of concept, but may soon be a reality. Pieces are 3D printed in Jiangsu Province with a special "ink" and fixed together by builders, who also add insulation and reinforcements.

That special "ink" is actually a paste made from construction waste like concrete and fibreglass with an added hardening agent.

WinSun uses a 3D printer array 6.6 metres high, 10 metres wide and 40 metres long, which was designed by Ma Yihe.

They claim the unique process can save up to 60% of construction waste, reduce build time by 70%, and they can build a three-storey mansion for £106,250.

The company last year showcased one-storey homes they could produce for $5,000, and they aim to eventually build skyscrapers and bridges with the technology.

WinSun 3D Printed Mansion And Apartments

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