20/01/2015 11:41 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tom And Jerry Tops List Of Most Complained About Children's TV Shows

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is the most complained about children's TV show of the last 10 years.

The cat and mouse cartoon – famous for the often violent scrapes the rival characters get into - received 82 complaints, topping Ofcom's Most Complained About list.

But it wasn't the violence (you know, Tom getting his teeth knocked out with a hammer; Jerry being run over by a steamroller – that kind of thing!) that caused the consternation.

No, the classic cartoon was attacked by complainants for two episodes which seemed to glamourise smoking cigars and cigarettes.

And the majority of complaints weren't regarding the cartoon itself but rather in protest at Ofcom's decision to investigate the show.

But Tom and Jerry weren't the only telly villains.

Other TV shows in the top 10, compiled by MailOnline, are Tweenies, Blue Peter and Bratz, an American cartoon series .

Tweenies caused an uproar because of an impersonation of paedophile Jimmy Savile on CBeebies in January 2013 - which led the broadcaster to issue an apology.

Ofcom received 21 complaints - while the BBC had more than 200 - after showing a 2001 episode of the Tweenies featuring a character sporting a blond wig and a gold necklace, who did a convincing impression of the disgraced star's Yorkshire accent.

Blue Peter received 14 Ofcom complaints for showing scenes showing the slaughter of a goat in Oman during a religious ceremony.

And Bratz attracted 13 complaints after one of its episodes included the term 'spaz' , which complainants found 'deeply offensive' and 'derogatory'.

An Ofcom spokesperson told MailOnline: "All UK broadcasters must adhere to the Broadcasting Code which sets standards for the content of TV programmes.

"We assess all complaints and programmes against the code.

"The protection of under 18s from inappropriate material is a fundamental concern for Ofcom.

"There are clear broadcasting rules designed to protect children, which we actively enforce."


Tom & Jerry* (Boomerang, August 21, 2006) - 82

Get Well Soon (CBeebies, November 14, 2012) - 65

Tweenies (CBeebies, January 20, 2013) - 21

Blue Peter (BBC1, January 18, 2007) - 14

Bratz (ITV1, April 23, 2006) - 13

Rastamouse (CBeebies, January 31, 2011) - 13

My Parents Are Aliens (ITV1, March 12, 2006) - 10

Children's Party at the Palace (BBC1, June 25, 2006) - 9

My Parents Are Aliens (ITV1 - May 9, 2004) - 9

My Super Sweet 16 (MTV, May 28, 2006) - 9

*The Mail says this complaints figure is complaints about Ofcom's finding and not about the programme itself.