Fred Finn Has Visited 150 Countries And Claims To Be The World's Most Travelled Person

Guy Travels 16 Million Miles, Claims To Be 'Most Travelled' Person

Most of us will travel a few times a year - maybe a big holiday and a couple of short breaks.

For Fred Finn, who holds the title for "most air miles flown by a person" in the Guinness Book Of World Records, jet-setting is a regular (and probably now quite boring) affair.

In his time, the 74-year-old has visited a grand total of 150 countries, hopped on 718 Concorde flights and travelled 16 million miles. Impressed much?

The well-travelled Brit told HuffPost Live: "I was commuting - when I lived in New York - across the Atlantic every week for about four years."

"Eventually Concorde came out, and I took its first flight out of Washington, which meant I could connect in Nairobi or Singapore on the same day and do that same trip in nine hours instead of 18."

He also had a string of three passports attached to one another.

Now the well-travelled man, who spends a lot of time in the Ukraine, has just two passports: US and British.

He told HuffPost Live that he's relieved he can refuse to have his passports stamped at the airport, so that he doesn't have to keep renewing it every two years.

"The longer I can hang onto one passport, the better," he adds.