Fancy lunch in London and dinner in New York? If you have £4,000 to spare, it’s a dream which could soon come true. Richard
Airbus has won a patent in the US for a hypersonic passenger jet that's being nicknamed 'Concorde 2'. The proposed jet could
Most of us will travel a few times a year - maybe a big holiday and a couple of short breaks. For Fred Finn, who holds the
NASA scientists are working on the next-generation of supersonic jets, that hopefully will one day carry passengers. Ever
Tony Benn - rightly described by Labour leader Ed Miliband as an "iconic figure of our age" - has passed away, aged 88. But
Virgin Galactic has announced that it might use technology developed to fly tourists to space as the basis for a successor
Formula 1 has traditionally been operated in the penumbra of a document called the Concorde Agreement. This legally-binding document ties the teams, the commercial right's owners (FOM) and the governing body (FIA) together in a dance of speed, technology and perhaps most
US airline Continental has been cleared of blame for the Concorde crash that killed 113 people shortly after take-off from
Whether you are a fan of Ferrari or its boss, Luca di Montezemolo, the Italian head of Fiat is thinking outside of the box and for good reason. I recently commented on a statement McLaren's Martin Whitmarsh made about Formula One just now discovering this new technology called the "interweb" and how it may be used to generate new and exciting ways to connect with fans.