North Korea Says US Is 'Cyberwar Maniac'


North Korea has accused the United States of being a "cyberwar maniac".

In a breathless 'news' article on the state-sponsored English language news website, the regime said that the US was to blame for "state-sponsored cyberterror".

The US has accused North Korea of carrying out the hack on Sony Pictures which devastated the film studio in December 2014.

North Korea also has a long history of cyber attacks on South Korea and other countries.

But as North Korea not totally unreasonably points out, the US has form in this area too.

The news piece points to leaks by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Stuxnet virus and the vast expenditure by the US Department of Defence on cyber security as examples of what it calls the "means for preemptive attack on other countries".

Indeed, it was reported this week that the NSA hacked North Korea years before the Sony Pictures incident.

North Korea's news hounds also quote Snowden and McAfee founder John McAfee as saying the Sony hack was not carried out by North Korea - suspicions also raised in the tech press this week after it emerged the hack may have been more complex than previously realised.

As is typical, the North Korean news agency makes all of these allegations with a creative and idiosyncratic use of the English language.

The US is "an arch criminal disturbing the security of cyber space and chieftain of cyberterror attack and cyberwar maniac" it said.

"The U.S. is abusing its latest scientific and technological successes as war weapons for realizing its ambition for world domination," North Korea added.

"It is a serious and undisguised challenge to the development of human civilization and to the international community desirous of the world's peace and stability."

"The U.S. scenario to dominate the world through a cyberwar is nothing but a foolish daydream."

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