Phone Addiction: 62% Of Us 'Hate' Our Phones

One In Ten Spend Literally Half Their Lives On The Phone
Mimi Haddon via Getty Images

As much as everyone loves cool new tech, there are growing signs that many of us are looking for ways to switch off too.

Now a new piece of research says that 62% of adults in Britain already resent how much time they spend using their phones.

Which is hardly surprising when you realise that the poll also says 11% of people - that's 4 million Britons - spend literally half their waking life on the phone.

According to a poll of 2,500 adults by, 31% of us use our phones at least 5 hours a day. An amazing 11% said they use it even more - around 8 hours a day, or a third of their entire lives. Around 24% said they use their phone for three hours a day, while 14% said do not use it enough.

Here are the reasons given by the two-thirds of people who said they "hated" how much time they spend using their mobile device:

  • It’s taking over my life – 36%
  • It causes arguments with my partner – 22%
  • I can’t live without it – 18%
  • It prevents me switching off from work – 14%
  • It stops me spending time with my family and friends - 9%

In addition 54% of people said they thought their partner spent too much time using tech. Around a third said games consoles were the biggest problem (31%) while 27% said phones were the problem.

Perhaps weirdest of all, 16% of people said they had ended a relationship over excessive tech use.

Unfortunately, there is no full paper or research material we can link to - so perhaps take the findings with a pinch of salt since we can't verify the methodology.

Still, if you're really struggling check out this line of cases which deliberately disable all the wireless connections on your phone. Or, you know, turn it off occasionally. Your call.

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