digital detox

It’s been a year in which technology has helped us enormously, but it’s still a good idea to take some time away from your digital devices.
It is hard to be gracious about money being funnelled towards a pointless resource when my face is melting off, writes Poorna Bell.
In need of a digital detox to clear your head? One US company has found a way to filter screens out of your life, and look sharp in the process. In Real Life Labs have created glasses that block light from LED and LCD monitors, using rotated polarised glass.
But we're making fewer phone calls than 10 years ago.
Digital detox expert Tanya Goodin shares tips for cutting down your phone use.
The need to connect in social groups has existed since humans first walked the earth. Most of us want to be liked and to form friendships, and psychologists agree that this kind affirmation is important for our mental health.
'I didn’t want to shy away from the less joyful aspects of the journey.'