'Human' Shadow On Mars Caught Messing With NASA's Curiosity Rover

Erm, Is That A Human Shadow On Mars?

HUMANS ARE ON MARS. The con has been revealed. All this time, NASA has been secretly shipping people off to Mars to, you know, do basic rover maintenance.

Look, it is of course ludicrous to suggest that this picture is anything other than an astronaut in full suit actually repairing the Curiosity rover.

In fact we'd go so far as to say it's utterly preposterous to suggest that it could just be part of Curiosity's own body casting a shadow over the martian landscape, and that the chaps at UFO Sightings Daily are really just trying too hard now.

Still can't do it? Here you go:

The shadow in question is clearly seen appearing at the side of the Curiosity rover in a series of pictures that have caused even the old Apollo conspiracy theorists to dust off the larger of their 12 telescopes and fire up the radio transmitter in the hopes of eavesdropping on NASA's afternoon chats with those deceitful heroes on Mars.

Of course now that we've cleared that up we can all process this information in our own time and in our own way, personally we're going to go and watch all the original Star Treks.

It's a shadow. Nothing more, nothing less, but it does reallylook like a human being, and hopefully one day, it will be.

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