23/01/2015 12:40 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Rick Owens Just Did The Most Outrageous Thing At Paris Fashion Week

American fashion designer Rick Owens sent four male models down the runway with everything hanging out during his Autumn/Winter 2015 Paris Fashion Week show.

We're talking full-frontal. And we thought guys in polo necks was a little out-there.

Before you scroll down, here's a heads up: these pictures are not for the workplace.

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You know that thing when more is more? Not in this case. Really not.

Post show, #dickowens and #freethepeen (lol) were trending on Twitter and Instagram - because, of course they were.

Though those on the front row got much more than they bargained for, the models themselves were cool about exposing themselves.

"It was not a thing at all," one model told the Guardian. "I just noticed it when I looked at the photo board and saw that there were cocks hanging about. Ha!"

As for what Owens himself had to say about *those* penis peeopholes?

"It's a little bit of juvenile transgression," he explained to "Boys with their dicks out is such a simple, primal, childish gesture."

This is a fashion designer who embraces shock-value but was this a tad to much? Tell us what you think @MyDailyUK.

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