Brian Harvey's YouTube Comment Rant Branded 'Clearly Absurd and Offensive' By BBC

BBC Respond To Brian's YouTube Rant

The BBC have responded following Brian Harvey’s bizarre YouTube rant, in which he criticised Radio 1 and made a number of shocking allegations.

Commenting on a YouTube video of Rae Morris covering East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’, Brian wrote: “BBC Radio One, you will play anything else as long as its not me eh!!

“Radio One you suck f***ing a*** you bunch of w******.”

Brian Harvey

The singer then went on to a make a number of comments, that have prompted a response from the BBC.

“Everybody is scared to tell you, but Im not. You f***ing paedo protecting, s*** music playing, corporate w***stain f*** heads,” he wrote, later branding them a "sh***y commercial poo bag station".

A BBC spokeswoman has issued a statement to The Sun, which reads: “These comments are clearly absurd and offensive.”

Brian’s comments have now been deleted, but a number of Twitter users have already screen-grabbed the outburst.

In recent months, Brian has hit headlines with his bizarre behaviour and last week, he released a new video online.

His cover of ‘German Whip’ included a number of line changes, and references to an incident in 2005, when he accidentally ran himself over following a jacket potato binge.

In the short clip, entitled ‘Fuck The Industry’, the 40-year-old is seen in an alleyway carrying a commemorative plaque awarded for 1 million East 17 sales.

Before smashing it to pieces, the singer turns to the camera and says: “East 17 one million sales – this is what it means. That’s what I think of your fucking music industry.”


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