26/01/2015 06:33 GMT | Updated 26/01/2015 06:59 GMT

Katie Hopkins' Husband Mark: 'I've Been Watching 'CBB' From Behind The Sofas... I Just Want Her To Leave Unscathed'

A tongue-lashing from Katie Hopkins is enough to leave anyone quaking in their boots (or, at least, anyone named Tyler or Chardonnay), but it seems there’s one man in the country who isn’t afraid of her acerbic comments… her husband, Mark.


In fact, Mark says that he’ll happily hold his own in a debate with Katie, which he says keeps their marriage interesting.

Speaking to The Sun, he explains: “There are fundamental things in life that you’d think you’d have to agree on for any form of successful relationship - like politics, religion, the schooling of the kids.

katie h

Katie and Mark on the beach in 2007... where photographers just happened to be kicking about. Funny, that

“But no - we disagree on all of those things. That’s what makes things interesting. Everything is a debate.”

However, he did admit that he’d been “watching from behind the sofa” in case she pushed too far in an argument and offended anyone with her harsh remarks.

katie hopkins

Katie and Mark enjoy a lovely and totally-not-staged picnic

He adds: “I was worried about Katie going into the house - and I still am - because the show was always going to set her up to clash with people.

“The thing that worried me is that anyone can say the wrong thing in the heat of the moment, and then there’s this frenzied mob attack on them.

“I just want her to come out unscathed.”

Katie is no doubt looking forward to a bit of peace and quiet now that her ‘CBB’ nemesis Perez Hilton is out of the picture… but little does she realise he’s only a few feet away, watching her and the rest of the housemates’ every move.

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