These Terrifying Science Fiction Weapons Actually Exist

Science fiction has for years terrified and intrigued us with visions of future weapons, from Star Trek's phaser to the blaster that saved Han Solo's life, these weapons are beyond the realms of reality,.

Or at least they were.

Laser cannons are now a reality. So are weapons that can aim themselves, and invisible microwave weapons used for crowd control. The future is here, and it hurts.

While eyes are pointed at the skies for drones, robot soldiers are being deployed to guard bases and accompany troops on patrol. These small weaponised robots use software and sensors to help follow the troops and when the time comes, the operator can take control and use its weapons as a means of cover for retreating troops.

The railgun is here also, with its electromagnetic barrel it can propel a metal slug to over Mach 6, devastating the target with nothing but sheer speed and force.

While these weapons used to be caged to the realms of science fiction, the reality is far more terrifying.

Invisible Death Ray

Science Fiction Weapons That Actually Exist

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