The US Navy’s brand-new stealth ship the USS Zumwalt is potentially one of the most advanced ships ever constructed. One
Update: Russia has denied breaching safety measure after its aircrafts were filmed flying close to a US warship. Its defence
(Skip to 1:19 in the video above for the best bit.) Needless to say people freaked out a little. Even one of the Kardashians
The concept of using chemical or biological weapons on a massive scale is nothing new, however how militaries test those
The U.S. Navy's most terrifying weapon right now is the railgun. Period. Capable of accelerating a projectile from 0-Mach
The US Navy really wants a flying stealth drone. To that end the organisation has been developing a number of prototypes
The US Navy is beginning to build up quite the arsenal of terrifying weapons. Not content with a laser that can melt ships
A prototype robot that uses sensors to put out fires has been showcased by the US Navy's Office of Naval Research. The Shipboard