Teen Mum 'Burns' From Inside Out After Taking Her Friend's Antibiotics

When Yaasmeen Castanada took a friend’s antibiotics in November, she hoped it would offer relief from her flu-like symptoms.

Instead the 19-year-old developed a life-threatening allergic reaction to the medication.

The mother of one is now suffering from a condition called Steven Johnson Syndrome.

Dermatologists have described the condition as "like being burned from the inside out." Doctors have said over 70% of Castanada's body has been damaged.

Before being hospiltalised, Castanada was completing her sophomore year at California State University, Los Angeles where she studied Civil Engineering.

Her mother Laura Corona set up a GoFundMe page to raise awareness about taking other people's medication and raise funds for her daughter's ongoing treatment.

"This is the most painful experience I have endured in my life," Corona writes on the page.

"I couldn't possibly put into words the pain my daughter is enduring. I ask you to please help us spread the word about the dangers of taking someone else's medication.

"However, I have also learned that prescribed medication can also cause Stevens Johnson Syndrome. There is no way to know what your body is allergic to.

"So our message is if you develop flu-like symptoms and are diagnosed with SJS, get to a burn unit ASAP."

Steven Johnson Syndrome can be fatal, but fortunately the young mother is responding well to treatment and is expected to survive.

She's recently left the hospital and is continuing treatment at home so she can spend more time with her daughter.


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