These Architects Want To Build A Giant Floating Artificial Reef

Our oceans have seen better days.

It has gotten so bad that Science published a fairly damming paper on the situation which predicted that ocean life as we know it would disappear in a matter of centuries meaning that we will have caused our very first mass extinction event in the oceans.

There's hope though, and this giant artificial reef is one such hopeful idea that can potentially turn things around.

Designed by architects Quentin Perchet, Thomas Yvon and Zarko Uzlac, BIODEVER(CITY) is a huge floating reef/aquarium that would provide a mini-ecosystem for both plants and animals.

It's a design that won them the prestigious International Architecture Award.

A giant upside pyramid, the reef would be joined with underwater walkways, allowing people to visit the reef and its wildlife.

As visitors walked further down through the pyramid they would be able to experience the different ecosystems that exist at different depths, highlighting just how large and varied the oceans are.

Sadly it's just a concept at the moment, however it's one of several bold ideas by architects that are pushing for companies to invest in our oceans.