A report has found that the condition of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has deteriorated since its last evaluation by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in 2014. The causes cited for this include climate change, overfishing and coral bleaching events. Experts believe its condition can be improved if strong local and global actions are taken. The reef’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage listing is at risk considering this outlook.
Stopping some damage is not enough. We must commit to a positive programme of ocean recovery to combat the effects of climate breakdown, and boost our oceans’ capacity to tackle climate change.
A crew of scientists on a mission for Greenpeace have surfaced with astounding first-ever photos from the depths of the Antarctic
'I’m always scared, I normally shut my eye because I’m that scared.' 🙀
'Although it’s out of sight, out of mind to a lot of us, it still occupies 70 percent of our planet and defines our well being.'
'I’m always scared, I normally shut my eye because I’m that scared.' 🙀
From a pilot whale nursing her dead calf to albatross regurgitating plastic to their young, ′Blue Planet 2′s producers told
’Blue Planet 2′s latest episode, ’The Deep’, explores the largely unknown parts of our ocean, almost 11 kilometres down. We
And apparently shoppers really don't mind.