@History_Pics Thought A Plastic Toy Was A Real WW2 Battleship


Of the many strange afflictions that Twitter has fallen victim to in recent years, the 'picturez' accounts are among the most infuriating.

These are those accounts that post mainly post black-and-white, unsourced, unattributed photographs and yet also have an inexplicably huge number of followers.

They're not known for their accuracy or best practices at the best of times, as lovingly documented by accounts like @PicPedant. But this might be the lowest moment so far.

You see this tweet? Yeah, that's not a battleship. That's a plastic toy.

To be fair to the account, it does look remarkably similar to this photo, taken either by Harold "Buster" Campbell according to the USS Missouri Memorial Association or Len Schmidt according to the Naval and Heritage Command -- although of course, that was entirely intentional. The toy was a recreation of the photo.

And they’re not the first. This picture appears to originate from a Reddit post in October 2014, subsequently picked up by history picz accounts:

But it does show that @History_pics has a shockingly low bar when it comes to quality control. Here are some other of its finest moments as imagined, humorously, by Twitter users:

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