KFC's Double Down Dog: A Meaty Medley Of A Cheesy Hot Dog And Fried Chicken


If you're on a diet, you might want to look away now.

KFC have announced a new addition to their "Double Down" line-up - an endeavour by the fast food giant to replace bread with fried chicken in as many dishes as possible.

The latest sandwich, only available at a selection of KFC restaurants in the Philippines, features a cheese stuffed hot dog with a fried chicken breast curled around it.

*heavy breathing*

Only 50 of these meaty marvels will be sold at each outlet over a two day period.

Think twice before booking a pilgrimage to Manila - this limited edition dog has already sold out in all the participating stores.

Each dog comes with a numbered box so you can know how lucky you are

The Double Down Dog joins the likes of the original Double Down, a bacon and cheese "sandwich" with chicken instead of bread, which launched in 2010 with a whopping 540 calories, 32g of fat and 1380mg of sodium.

The Zinger Double Down King was also made available in October last year for hungry Koreans, featuring a huge burger patty between two pieces of fried chicken.

It's so incredibly hard not to be jealous of those lucky people in the Philippines.

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